• Paolo Martinelli
  • 17/05/2021

The two interviews talk about the birth, the present and the future of the TTL group.

Beginning of the month, this May, busy for the management of The Thin Line, which was interviewed by two different journals in the space of few days, one from Lanzarote (EL Diario de Lanzarote) and one Italian (Fashion Network).


The two interviews talk about the birth, the present and the future of the TTL group.

Fernando Lopez Martin, CEO of The Thin Line, talking about the birth of the TTL project says: "... Me and my wife moved to Lanzarote in 2012 with several projects. Once arrived on this beautiful island we noticed that there was a lack of luxury shops worthy of its splendid offer in landscape terms...”. Thus, thanks to the consolidated experience of both in the luxury retail world, we decide to start this entrepreneurial adventure on the island: "... in 2015 we opened our first boutique, where the first brand sold was the very Italian brand Ferragamo. ... "

From 2015 to today, the steps taken by the TTL group have been remarkable and Fernando remembers with pleasure and satisfaction the path taken up to now, as The Thin Line’s numbers demonstrate an important growth: "... In recent years we have we worked on and developed a lot our network and today we have seven stores, with a total of about 1,300 square meters of sales spaces in the north, centre and south of the island and we sell about sixty brands in the luxury and premium segments, including men, women, children, accessories and jewels...".

Today the TTL’s boutiques are located:

  • • Marina Arrecife: Contemporary, luxury and jewellery Men-Women.

  • • Marina Puerto Calero: Contemporary, luxury and kids Men-Women.

  • • Marina Rubicon (Playa Blanca): Contemporary and luxury Men-Women.


The three shops located in the different marinas of the island reach to different market segments and complement each other perfectly, thus managing not only to cover the island "geographically", but above all accurately satisfying the different types of tourists. As Fernando Lopez recalls in the interview with fashion Network, the Arrecife Marina is known for being the only docking point for the numerous cruise ships that pass through Lanzarote: "... Until 2019 there were 60 / 80,000 passengers per month who landed from cruise ships... "; Puerto Calero is the only port on the island that belongs to the "Super Yacht Destination" category and has high standing hotels, villas and holiday homes in its area. Finally, at the extreme southern tip of the island there are the two shops inside the Rubicon Marina (Playa Blanca), which is another famous port for two main reasons, being a point of passage and mooring for ships and yachts in transit to and from the Caribbean and having high-end hotels, villas, and vacation homes.

Lanzarote as well as all the localities, Spanish and not, that are strongly connected with the world of tourism, today is in great difficulty primarily due to the devastating effects of the still in progress pandemic crisis. Our CEO, together with the best entrepreneurial realities on the island, take part of an association (Circulo de empresario de Lanzarote) which aims to improve the services offered in order to be able to make the island more attractive even to a profile of a more demanding tourist with a greater spending capacity as recalled by Fernando Lopez: "The goal is perhaps to have fewer tourists, but with a greater spending capacity, even from an eco-sustainable perspective: fewer tourists, in fact, for example less traffic and less waste. We want to bring the quality of services and hospitality to a higher level, as locations such as Porto Cervo or Capri did before us ".

In both interviews, the management made an analysis of the last two years of activity and explained the objectives for the year 2022 and for the next five years:

"... In 2019 we reached 23 million euros in turnover and in 2020 we managed to contain the loss caused by the pandemic to about -20%, thanks also to e-commerce, which we have greatly enhanced. For 2021, the goal is to return to the turnover of two years ago, while for 2022 we expect growth of 30%, with the aim of reaching 90 million euros in five years ... ".

Below is the link to the two interviews: