• Fabrizio Coco
  • 10/02/2021

The most iconic brand arrives to our shops.

The Thin Line is proud to announce the gain of our designers’ portfolio with the arrival of Maison Margela, one of the most famous and interesting fashion houses. The story of the founder, Martin Margiela, and his ideas about the world of fashion have led the “Maison” to reach success and the worldwide recognition as one of the most intellectual and avant-garde brands.


The founder: Martin Margiela

Martin Margiela born in Leuven (Belgium) in 1957. He finds out very soon his passion for fashion inspired by the great designers of the seventies such as Karl Lagerfeld, Claude Montana, Kenzo or Issey Miyake. He graduated in fashion design at the “Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts” in Antwerp and since then his path to success began. He began his career as self-employed and in 1984 he became Jean Paul Gaultier’s assistant.

In 1988 he created, with his partner Jenie Meirens, his own brand called Maison Martin Margiela. The brand immediately surprised for its peculiar and unique avant-garde and "anti-marketing" approach. His authentic approach to the market and misunderstandings about the vision of the business with Renzo Rosso, will be, in 2003, the main motivations about his choice to leave the creative direction of its brand after the acquisition of the “Maison” by the Italian multinational Diesel group.

The figure of Martin Margiela still is surrounded by mystery due to his ideas about the world of fashion and his anonymity. There are hardly any photos and interviews of the designer since, as he himself declared, “My only business card is my work”.

La Maison después de Martin Margiela

After Martin Margiela's decision to leave the “Maison”, the artistic direction was in the hands of the team and without a visible head until, in the 2014, John Galliano was appointed as artistic director.

This decision was not exempt from criticisms due to the differences between the two directors. Anyway, over the years, the decision turned out to be correct.

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